Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
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Shakti Kapoor in a picture from the video. (Humility Shaktikpur,


  • The actor shared a video of the session on Instagram
  • Shakti Kapoor writes: “My booster diet”
  • Last week, veteran actor Dharmendra took his booster diet

New Delhi: Bollywood veteran Kapoor is the latest star to receive the Covid-19 vaccine booster shot, an extra dose of vaccine given after the actual shot. Before that, Dharmendra Received his own shot of booster food. The 69-year-old actor shared a video of taking a booster dose on his Instagram story on Friday night. He also added songs Love you life From Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan’s film Sweet life In the background. Here is what Shakti Kapoor posted:


Screenshot of Shakti Kapoor’s Instagram Story.

Earlier this week, Dharmendra, 86, shared a video of himself vaccinating with medical staff. The actor, along with the video, appealed to his fans to vaccinate themselves. “Friends, I humbly request that you take a booster dose,” he wrote. In the video, he says, “I’m taking a booster, booster. There was no pain(I’m taking a booster. No injuries at all). ”

Take a look at the video here:

Shakti Kapoor, Famous for his comedic and villainous roles, he has acted in over 200 films. Apart from Bollywood films, she has acted in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. Kaliyug Pandavalu And ਕਿਲੁੱਕਮ, To name a few. He is best known for his performances in films like Actor Courageous (1983), Rocky (1981), Hero (1983), King Babu (1994), Father number, son number ten (1990), Speak Radha (1992), Trickster (1989), Adopt your own style (1994), Bombay to Goa (2007) and Donate to charity (2009).

Shardha Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi are the youngest of two children from Kolhapur. Her brother Siddhant Kapoor is also an actor. Shardha and Siddhant co-starred as onscreen siblings in Hasina Parker,


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