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Published: Friday, November 19, 2021, 14:40 [IST]

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New Delhi, November 19 On Friday, November 19, Prime Minister Modi announced the repeal of three agriculture laws introduced by the Center. As soon as the agricultural laws were announced, there was a wave of happiness among the farmers on the Delhi border who had been protesting against these laws for more than a year. There is a lot of celebration going on at the dharna site at the moment. Laddu and sweets are being distributed among the people. Farmer leaders welcomed the government’s move, although they said the protest site would not be vacated until the law was repealed by Parliament. At the same time Union Agriculture Minister Narinder Singh Tomar also lauded the move of the government but said that through these laws the government was trying to help the farmers and bring a revolutionary change in the field of agriculture but the farmers government intended. Could not understand

Narinder Singh Tomar

Our aim was to bring about a radical change in the lives of the peasants.
He said that the Prime Minister has brought 3 bills passed by Parliament. The Prime Minister had a clear intention to bring a radical change in the lives of the farmers if it benefited the farmers. But I am sad that we have failed to benefit some of the farmers in the country.

We tried our best to convince the farmers
He further said that with these reforms the Prime Minister had tried to bring change in agriculture but due to some conditions some farmers opposed it. When we took the path of discussion and tried to persuade them, we could not succeed. Therefore, on the occasion of Prakash Parva, the Prime Minister decided to repeal the agricultural laws. This is a welcome step.

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The government has launched several schemes in the interest of the farmers.
The Agriculture Minister said that the country has witnessed that since Prime Minister Modi took over the reins of government in 2014, his government has been committed to farmers and agriculture. As a result, you may have noticed that in the last 7 years, many new schemes have been launched to benefit agriculture.

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Narinder Singh Tomar said that our aim in returning agricultural laws was to benefit the farmers

Story First Published: Friday, November 19, 2021, 14:40 [IST]

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