Akshay Kumar starrer movie Suryavanshi Which is doing quite well at the recently released box office. After a good start, the film business saw a huge increase in its opening weekend, with the collection showing better-than-expected rates in the following days. Now in its second week of business Suryavanshi A slight de-escalation has been observed, but still remains the first choice of the audience. In fact, UAE / GCC in Akshay Kumar’s overseas market Suryavanshi Salman Khan has managed to surpass the starrer film collection Radhe – Your Most Wanted Brother,

Within the UAE / GCC market Radhe 4.41 million. AED while on the other hand Akshay’s Suryavanshi Managed to cross it to collect 5.58 million. A.E.D. If that wasn’t enough, the fact is that until then Radhe Was able to collect the above by the end of his play, Suryavanshi On the other hand, the audience is still attracted. Given this trend, it is more likely that businesses Suryavanshi There will be more growth.

However, with new releases set to hit screens, Suryavanshi There may be some competition. But with speculation, the business remains optimistic that Akshay Kumar will continue to star at the box office despite the new releases.

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