Mon. Jan 17th, 2022
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Actress Anjum Fakih shared this picture of the wedding. (Image courtesy: nzoomfakih,


  • Anjum Faqih, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Nupur Senan attended the wedding
  • Anjum Fakih shared the wedding photos on Instagram
  • Also in the picture are actress Supriya Shukla and Abhishek Kapoor

New Delhi: Television actor Sanjay Gagnani and Poonam Preet Bhatia’s wedding was a star-studded affair with celebrities like Anjum Fakih, Sanjeeda Sheikh and Nupur Senan. Sanjay Gagnani and Poonam Preet Bhatia had dated for more than two years before a big fat Punjabi wedding in Delhi over the weekend. They got married in a gurdwara. Pictures of the couple’s big day have been trending on social media since Sunday. Anjum Fakih, who attended the wedding in pastel orange and green colors Lehenga, Shared some photos of the celebration and wrote: “Congratulations on your marriageI wish you both a lifelong unity and countless love … love and embrace. ”

The photos show the newlyweds posing with Anjum Fakih and actress Supriya Shukla, Abhishek Kapoor. They belong to Sanjay Gagnani The horoscope ran Co-stars

On their wedding day, Poonam Preet Bhatia looked very beautiful in Maroon Lehne Lehenga While Sanjay Gagnani supplemented him in a cream Sherwani,

See Anjum Faqih’s post here:

Many fan clubs dedicated to the TV show The horoscope ran And its cast also shared photos of the wonderful wedding of Sanjay Gagnani and Poonam Preet Bhatia. Take a look:

Sanjeeda Sheikh was present at the wedding but did not post any picture of the celebration. However, he gave us a glimpse of his OOTD.

Anjum Faqih also shared other wedding photos of Sanjay Gagnani and Poonam Preet Bhatia. See them here:

He has appeared in many TV shows like Sanjay Gagnai Our Goddess, Veera, The End of Love, Kundli Bhagya, Fear Files: Fear What True Pictures And Say hello


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