It is back in business for Bollywood, with two masala films being released in back-to-back fashion, and that too in just 24 hours. While Satyamev Jayate 2 Releasing on Thursday The end = the ultimate truth Coming a day later on Friday. The promos of both the films have a lot in common with the Southern filmmaking style and have the most drama, dialogue and action that caters to the general public.

The good thing is that the lead actors of both the films have promoted each other’s offerings. Whether it is Salman Khan or John Abraham, both have lauded the fact that the film made by the other is in controversy to bring the audience to the theaters and this is really a good sign as it shows that there is no bad blood. .

One only hopes that it will translate in large numbers. when Satyamev Jayate Released in 2018, it reached Independence Day and rocked the box office with a big start. However, the same cannot be expected from the other in the franchise as the release is a regular day and that too on Thursday, Rs. The early days of 6-7 crore would be a good start. Equality too The end = the ultimate truth Salman Khan is on the posters but then there is actually Ayush Sharma in the lead for whom this is his second release. In that sense, though, it does manage to get a similar starting day of Rs. 6-7 crores (and that too when Satyamev Jayate 2 It will be the second day), it will be a good start.

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