Mon. Jan 17th, 2022
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BYD plans to supply 100 electric buses to Israel by the end of next year. The company is sending a large number of electric buses to the area to meet the orders of local firms.Electrical According to reports, the buses are being sent to Egd, Israel’s largest bus company. The company has ordered 100 fully electric 12-meter long buses manufactured by a well-known Chinese automobile manufacturer. The buses are planned to be delivered by the end of 2022 and will be used in Haifa, the third largest city in the country. In particular, the order is the largest ever electric bus shipment to Israel. In addition, the order is part of a larger Israeli tender for 200 buses. The company had earlier received an order from Nobina, Finland.

It also has the support of the country’s National Transport Authority. Egged, which operates in the public transport sector, has chosen BYD as its supplier and has been a Chinese brand customer since 2017. In the past, Egd has also ordered 24 electric buses in its fleet, which are currently operating in Haifa and Jerusalem. The order will further strengthen the city’s electric transport fleet. Upcoming buses will be equipped with iron phosphate batteries that extend the long service life and energy density for longer distances than the previous generation.

It has a battery power of 422 kWh and can come with a total range of up to 400 kms. “This is an important moment for the people of Israel and in our country for public transportation. We want to build a zero-emission transportation system for the people of Israel and that is part of our commitment. We are at BYD,” the official said. We are confident that it will provide pure electric buses so that the traffic will be reliable, safe and comfortable for the passengers. “



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