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Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
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Updated: Thursday, November 18, 2021, 14:05 [IST]

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 <div class="big_center_img" data-cl-cnt="0" data-cnt-t="0" data-gal-src="https://hindi.oneindia.com/img/2021/11/dw_20211118130033_59629130_403.jpg"> <div> <figure><img data-pagespeed-lazy-src="https://hindi.oneindia.com/img/2021/11/dw_20211118130033_59629130_403.jpg" class="image_listical c1" alt="Provided by Deutsche Welle" title="Provided by Deutsche Welle" data-cl-slideshow="" data-cl-title = "Deutsche Welle provided" data-cl-description = "" data-cl-imageid = "649198-0"" src="/img/loading.gif" onload="pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);" onerror="this.onerror=null;pagespeed.lazyLoadImages.loadIfVisibleAndMaybeBeacon(this);"/></figure> </div> </div>  <p><strong>Washington, November 18</strong> Women face many challenges in the field of employment.  First they have to take care of the house and then they have to go out for work.  From pay to promotion, there is discrimination in the office.</p>  <p>Artificial intelligence can help such women break down discrimination in finding employment.  With the help of Artificial Intelligence, women candidates can get proper opportunity and promotion.</p>   <p>According to Katika Rai of Colorado-based software firm Pipeline Equity, "A lot of times we talk about equity, we talk about its social issues or how to do the right thing. But it's really a big economic opportunity in the future."</p> <p>Companies are rapidly turning to AI for help.  The hiring decision has caused concern among digital rights experts, who warn that algorithms can perpetuate bias.</p> <p>An AI hiring tool developed by Amazon had to be scrapped when it taught itself that male candidates are better than female candidates.  But women's rights groups and digital experts say well-designed technology to target discrimination can "shine like a light" and address factors that prevent women from finding employment.</p>  <p>"Prejudice is as old as human nature. Traditional recruitment practices have been attacked in a number of different ways. Part. "  it can.  But I don't think that's the only solution. "</p>  <p>These equity-focused technology firms are using AI.  Review decisions such as analyzing resumes or setting salaries, and provide personal data-based advice.</p> <p>AA / CK (Thomson Reuters Foundation)</p>  <p>Source: <a href="https://www.dw.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener">DW</a></p>       <div class="notification-outerblock clearfix" id="notification-articleblock" style="display:none;"> <p>

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Artificial intelligence can help close the gender gap at work


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