Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
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Gap, an international clothing brand, has entered the non-fungal token (NFT) marketplace in partnership with New York-based artist Brandon Signs and the open-source blockchain platform Tezos. Artist Sinus, creator of the famous cartoon Frank EP, has created a collection of Gap’s signature hoodies. These collections come in four levels based on price and availability – general, rare, epic and one of a kind. Buyers of Epic-level NFTs will receive a special physical gap x franc AP hoodie, while buyers of normal, rare NFTs will have the opportunity to ‘unlock’ Epic NFTs.Gap’s regular NFTs will be available for purchase from January 13 with two Tezos XTZ 2s, priced at $ 9 or about Rs 665. Investors will be able to purchase rare NFTs for XTZ 6 ($ 26 or approximately Rs. 1,922) from January 15. Epic NFTs from January 19 on XTZ 100 ($ 436 or approximately Rs. 32,234) Available One-of-a-kind NFTs will go on sale on January 24.

Buyers of Gap Epic NFT will also receive a special GAP x Frank AP hoodie, and Gap Threads will offer a gamification model that will help collectors of common and rare NFTs to “unlock” the ability to purchase Epic NFT.

According to Gap, customers need to complete a collection of four common and two rare NFTs to unlock the limited edition Epic NFT. Customers purchasing the Epic NFT will be able to redeem the hoodie designed by Brandon Sinus.

In a press release, the company said it plans to focus on this, and is trying to figure out how its customers want to connect with the company in this growing digital world.<!–



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