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Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
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Tenet Was a popular choice. (Training: tenetthefilm,


  • IMDB started a Twitter thread
  • Christopher Nolan, David Lynch films dominated the list
  • Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange was also on the list

New Delhi: A Twitter thread launched by IMDb this week gave some general answers to the most confusing movie. Many respondents agree that it is difficult to follow Christopher Nolan’s time and mind-blowing films; Three were specifically named – Beginnings, memorials And TenetDavid Lynch’s second seems closer Christopher Nolan With Mulholland Drive And Eraserhead Called more than once. People were also disturbed by Jack Gillenhall’s breakout film Donnie Darko, 12 monkeys Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, adaptations of Nicholas Cage, and Stanley Kubrick’s film A clockwork orange,

The beginning And Memorabilia Were bad enough Tenet Worse:

Psychological thriller Mulholland Drive David Lynch’s work is considered to be the best but obviously so confusing that the internet is full of many commentators who are trying to hide the events of the film. It was quoted several times in the IMDB thread as Mr. Lynch’s scary movie. Eraserhead,

Of Christopher Nolan Interstellar And David Lynch Blue velvet Also shown on thread:

Jake Gillenhall Audiences engaged in two films – Donnie DarkoIn which is a monster rabbit, which predicts the Day of Judgment Ebenezer, In which Jake has played a dual role.

Some were stumped by many films and their list included many of the above films:

However, there was a clear winner for the most confusing film ever seen – this one, which was cited in many responses:

Speaking for themselves The beginning Great and Jake Gillenhall is an everlasting favorite. What we want someone to explain to us is the super-cringe films of the decades that have been made by Bollywood on a large scale during the eighties, nineties and most of the 2000s. Now they are the interpreters that we will sign up to read.


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