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Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
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Inflation, supply-chain kinks squeeze holiday toy drives for children

  • Toy prices are expected to be up 10% this holiday season, putting more families in need of help.
  • Supply chain delays have lowered inventory and some toys may not arrive in time for the holidays.
  • After rising to meet pandemic needs, toy charities, donors face challenges from high holiday demand.

Inflation, price increases and clogged shipping networks are threatening to put a crimp in maybe the most beloved supply chain of all: the Santa Claus gift express.

Rising toy prices, up as much as 10%, and potential shortages of popular items could challenge holiday shoppers. Charity donation drives and the people they serve may be most significantly affected, as overall economic pressures raise the number of children in need of dolls, games and puzzles while also diminishing donors’ ability to give.

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