Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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Innocent suffers from meningitis syndrome

Doctors say two-year-old Shu Haoyang has only a few months left. A medicine can help her with a rare disease, but it is not available in China. Nor can his father take his innocent son out of China for treatment because of the restrictions imposed by Shu Wei Kovid. Wei had no solution, so he set up a lab in his house. “I didn’t have time to think about where to go and where not to go,” says Wei, 30. It had to be done in every way. ‘ Haoyang has a rare disease called Menke’s syndrome, which is caused by a genetic disorder that makes it difficult for the body to make copper, which is required for the development of the brain and nervous system to function.

Dad built a lab in the gym

Dad built a lab in the gym

People with Menke’s syndrome rarely live beyond the age of three. However, Shu Wei, who only attended high school and ran a small online business before his son’s illness, was determined to give his child a chance to fight this rare disease. When she found out that her child’s illness was incurable and that there was no medicine available in China to relieve her symptoms, she began researching for herself how to make the medicine. “My friends and family said it was impossible,” he says. Most of the content on the Internet was in English, so Wei used translation software to understand it. When she learned that copper histamine could relieve a child, she set up a lab in her father’s gym.

The child's blood report improved after the medication was given

The child’s blood report improved after the medication was given

After brainstorming for 6 weeks, Shu Wei made the first copper vial of histidine. He first tested it on a rabbit and then injected it into his body. According to him, “the rabbit was fine, I was fine too, so I used it on my son.” She claims that two weeks after starting treatment, some of her son’s blood tests returned to normal. However, this medicine cannot cure meningitis syndrome. “Without treatment, the symptoms will go away,” says Anik Tutten, a professor of rare diseases in France.

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Biotech Lab's interest in Wei medicine increased

Biotech Lab’s interest in Wei medicine increased

The Chinese government, meanwhile, has said it will not interfere with Wei’s work as long as he is receiving treatment at home. Wei’s work on Menke’s syndrome has sparked interest from the global biotech lab VectorBuilder, which is launching research into gene therapy, AFP reports. (Photos – Roa News English Video Grab)

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