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Updated: Thursday, November 25, 2021, 16:39 [IST]

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<p>Chinese military activity in the Gulf of Taiwan has increased in recent times, and border tensions with India have increased in recent years.  In the aftermath of both incidents, there has been speculation that China could take advantage of the confrontation with India to strengthen its claims over Taiwan.</p>   <p>Earlier this month, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted combat exercises near Taiwan.  China considers Taiwan its "rebel province."  The military exercise was seen as a response to a visit by US lawmakers to Taiwan.</p>  <p>In October, the P.L.A. <a href="" rel="nofollow">A record 200 fighter jets have been sent to Taiwan's airspace.</a></p>  <p>On the other hand, near the Indian border, Chinese troops are training with special weapons and equipment for combat in the high altitude Himalayan regions.</p> <p>Recently expired <a href="[partner]-[]-[hindi]-[bizdev]-[isapi]" rel="nofollow">At the Communist Party of China (CCP) summit</a> A "historic" resolution has been adopted, outlining a "historic mission" to link Taiwan with China.</p>  <div class="big_center_img" data-cl-cnt="0" data-cnt-t="0" data-gal-src=""> <div> <figure><img src="" class="image_listical c3" alt="Joe Biden" title="Joe Biden" data-cl-slideshow="" data-cl-title = "Joe Biden" data-cl-description = "" data-cl-imageid = "650261-0""/> <p>Getty Images</p> </figure> </div> <p>Joe Biden</p> </div>  <h3>China warns US not to play with fire</h3> <p>Taiwan has always believed that Taiwan is a part of it.  China calls it the One China principle.  In recent months, the one-China principle has dominated China domestically and internationally.</p>  <p>Chinese state media have highlighted President Xi Jinping's warning to the United States not to "play with fire."  On November 16, President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden held a virtual meeting where they discussed issues of mutual interest and cooperation.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is seeking US military assistance against China.  The party is committed to maintaining Taiwan's sovereignty.</p>  <p><a href="" rel="nofollow">The South China Morning Post wrote on November 21</a>"The DPP is promoting Taiwan's distinct identity and fomenting anti-China sentiment. Taiwan's political climate is favorable and there is little room for freedom fighters."</p> <p>Meanwhile, since early November, people on China's social media site Weibo have been speculating on whether China will wage war against Taiwan.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow">On November 21, the South China Morning Post wrote in its editorial</a>"China's sending of aircraft into Taiwan's airspace and statements by some government officials have suggested a war," he said.</p>   <div class="big_center_img" data-cl-cnt="1" data-cnt-t="1" data-gal-src=""> <div> <figure><img src="" class="image_listical c3" alt="Soldiers" title="Soldiers" data-cl-slideshow="" data-cl-title = "soldier" data-cl-description = "" data-cl-imageid = "650261-1""/> <p>Getty Images</p> </figure> </div> <p>Soldiers</p> </div> <h3>Border tensions with India</h3> <p>China has increased the number of troops and weapons in the region since the bloody conflict with the Indian Army in Galwan in eastern Ladakh in 2020.</p> <p>On November 21, China's state-run news channel showed Chinese troops conducting military exercises in the area. <a href="" rel="nofollow">The exercise involved soldiers using sniper rifles, grenade launchers and anti-tank missiles.</a></p> <p>On October 19, the South China Morning Post quoted a military source as saying that China had deployed more than 100 advanced long-range rocket launchers on the border with India.  The newspaper described it as a preparation for any possible winter stress.</p> <p>India, on the other hand, is preparing to complete a long tunnel to connect Ladakh with Kashmir.  The tunnel allows Indian military and military equipment to reach the border for up to 12 months, even at temperatures below zero degrees.</p> <p>Media reports have also said that India will deploy military drones in high altitude areas.</p>   <div class="big_center_img" data-cl-cnt="2" data-cnt-t="2" data-gal-src=""> <div> <figure><img src="" class="image_listical c3" alt="Xi Jinping" title="Xi Jinping" data-cl-slideshow="" data-cl-title = "Xi Jinping" data-cl-description = "" data-cl-imageid = "650261-2""/> <p>Getty Images</p> </figure> </div> <p>Xi Jinping</p> </div>  <h3>Strict trial</h3> <p>If we look at history, China's disputes with India and Taiwan are different.  But according to current world politics, the two countries are in the same alliance and have common interests.</p> <p>The National Congress of the Communist Party of China is scheduled for next year.  Earlier, Xi Jinping wanted to establish an undisputed grip on the party.  Fighting with India and Taiwan, he could easily get the post of party general secretary again.</p> <p><a href="" rel="nofollow">India's News18 website wrote on November 11</a>"It is possible that China's action against India has to do with Taiwan. Crossing the 160-kilometer-long Gulf and invading Taiwan is still a challenge. War in the Himalayas is easier than that."</p> <p>China and the United States are currently embroiled in a bitter political tug-of-war in the Indo-Pacific region.</p> <p>There is a military alliance between Taiwan and the United States and Taiwan also gets help from Japan.  India, on the other hand, is part of the quad.  Apart from India, the quad includes the United States, Japan and Australia.  The alliance is considered an anti-China platform.</p>  <div class="big_center_img" data-cl-cnt="3" data-cnt-t="3" data-gal-src=""> <div> <figure><img src="" class="image_listical c3" alt="China and Taiwan" title="China and Taiwan" data-cl-slideshow="" data-cl-title = "China and Taiwan" data-cl-description = "" data-cl-imageid = "650261-3""/> <p>AFP</p> </figure> </div> <p>China and Taiwan</p> </div>  <h3>American intervention is possible</h3> <p>However, despite being a member of the Quad, the US does not want to be directly involved in any border dispute between India and China.</p> <p>In this regard, experts believe that the ability of the United States to support its allies could be questioned and that this would help China in its dispute with Taiwan.</p> <p>India has distanced itself from the ongoing tensions between Taiwan and China.  Perhaps the motive behind this is to avoid further complication of existing disputes with China.</p> <p>Apart from some polite messages, diplomatic relations between India and Taiwan are inadequate.</p> <p>President of Taiwan <a href="[partner]-[]-[hindi]-[bizdev]-[isapi]" rel="nofollow">Tsai Ing-wen</a> Have <a href="[partner]-[]-[hindi]-[bizdev]-[isapi]" rel="nofollow">PM Modi</a> To them <a href="" rel="nofollow">happy Birthday</a> But there was no response from Modi.</p> <p>On November 4 <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Indian newspaper Deccan Chronicle writes</a>"Silence on Taiwan means supporting China's Taiwan narrative. It will give the Communist Party more impetus."</p>  <p>It remains to be seen whether India will change its stance on Taiwan in the coming days.  In December, both India and Taiwan will be part of the US Summit on Democracy.  China has not been invited to the meeting.</p> <p><strong>,</strong><a href="[partner]-[]-[hindi]-[bizdev]-[isapi]" rel="nofollow">BBC Surveillance</a> <strong>Reports and analyzes news published in TV, radio, web and print media worldwide.  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