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Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
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Many kinds of energy are released into space

Although this is not just a matter of superstition, if you look at the scientific aspect of it, you will find that it is said because at the time of eclipse, various kinds of energies are released in space, which are there. Pregnant woman and her mother | This has a detrimental effect on the birth of the baby, so the eclipse is not suitable for a pregnant woman.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Will 'Blood Moon' appear today?Lunar Eclipse 2021: Will ‘Blood Moon’ appear today?

Pregnant women should not use knives or scissors

Pregnant women should not use knives or scissors

It is often said that pregnant women should not use knives or scissors during lunar eclipses. So there is a special reason behind this, in fact there is a lot of heat in the universe during the eclipse, so women are advised to avoid heavy work like cutting or sewing, as doing so makes a woman feel tired. Which is not right for childbirth, which is why pregnant women are prevented from working.

No clear evidence

No clear evidence

Although some people say that a child’s nose and ears are cut off with a knife and scissors during an eclipse, this is only a belief because there is no clear evidence of it.

    Women should chant 'Om'.

Women should chant ‘Om’.

During the eclipse women are asked to perform pooja, simran and chant ‘Om’ because by doing so the woman’s attention is focused on one place, she thinks positive and she does not get negative thoughts or anger and she stays calm. That’s great For babies growing in the womb.

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