Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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Shahid Kapoor with Meera Rajput. (Image courtesy: Meera Kapoor,


  • Meera has posted a funny picture with Shahid
  • The couple got married in 2015
  • Awaiting Shahid’s comment

New Delhi: Meera Rajput, who never misses a chance to hug her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor, has once again left our hearts beating. Bollywood power couple sent us in a jiffy. This time, it’s a photo that Meera posted on Instagram. Here, Meera Shahid’s arm is held and we do not stop seeing the happiness on his face. When we thought the photo was the best portrayal of their sweet relationship, Meera added to it with her caption. He wrote, “Shall we frame it to life-size for the living room when I fix your tie on a stool?” He added in the hashtag “TraditionFans can’t help but admire this lovely couple. Singer and actress Sophie Chowdhury commented, “How beautiful this picture is.” Inspired by Jaya, the film features Bachchan’s tie scene Sometimes happy sometimes sad do you agree?

When it comes to showering love on her family, Meera wins the Rajput game. She shared a sunny Photo of her children on Children’s DayAlthough Misha and Zayn’s faces did not appear in the photo, we were overwhelmed by the caption. “The light of our lives, Happy Children’s Day to my children today and every day,” Meera wrote. He said in a light note, “And, one day you will learn true patience when you fall asleep and the lights come on at 6:30 in the morning.”

Meera Rajput showed us her toy side with the “This or That” challenge on Instagram. The questions gave InstaFam a better understanding of her favorite places, workouts and web series. When he had to choose between them Friends And Sheets Creek, He chose Sheets Creek, This did not come as a surprise to his fansLater, when the official page of Sheets Creek commented on her post, Meera could not restrain her enthusiasm. He wrote, “I have never been a fan of anyone or anything, except when I was in S.C.River of mind And the rest is history. “

If there are celebrities who can fully integrate themselves for their fans, then Meera Rajput should be one of them. When she was suffering from migraine, she not only treated herself with home remedies but also Has shared a tip with his fans,

Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput were married in 2015. The couple welcomed Misha in 2016 and Zayn in 2018.


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