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Updated: Saturday, January 15, 2022, 13:37 [IST]

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A young woman receiving a vaccine in Cologne

Washington, January 15 Amid global demand for the covid vaccine, some serious health issues and side effects have not been addressed. Menstruation is one such topic. But international studies have opened the eyes of blind immunization advocates and medical experts. Following the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, such cases began to appear, with some women experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle after the vaccination.

For a long time, this was not noticed by the media and many medical experts kept reassuring the people that there are no such side effects of Covid vaccines. Such incidents were limited to conversations, internet forums and social media. I got my first vaccine from Biontech-Pfizer this summer. Although some people told me how sick they felt after the vaccination, I was relieved that my side effects were mild.

A month later, I got the second vaccine and after that I went on holiday with my family. My period should have come at the beginning of the journey. One day I bled a lot, the next day not a drop came out. Then for more than a week, that is, almost the entire vacation, I kept bleeding. There was a lot of bleeding and pain. This was not normal for me.

Senior Editor Sonia Angelica Dean

I was scared. I have rarely heard of the side effects of mRNA vaccines. This is called immune thrombocytopenia, a deficiency of platelets. I began to worry that this might not happen to me. One possible symptom is excessive vaginal bleeding. I panicked and started grabbing a lot of Google Doctor’s advice. Eventually the bleeding stopped and my great period ended. I thought it was just my fear and loneliness, but it wasn’t.

Covid injections can affect menstruation

The first of its kind, a women-led and expert-reviewed study cited the experiences of menstruating people to confirm that anti-covid-19 vaccines affect menstruation. Using data from about 4,000 women, some of whom were vaccinated and some of whom were not, the researchers used a menstrual tracking app to find out if people who received the new vaccine had a clinical period in their menstrual cycle. And there has been a significant change, meaning their menstrual cycle is being pulled. For an average of one more day.

Women like me have breathed a sigh of relief from this discovery. What I experienced was unusual, but it turned out to be normal. Still, I have a lot of questions. Most importantly, why weren’t we told about the potential side effects before the vaccine was given? It has been found that clinical studies of the Covid-19 vaccine do not record menstrual information. The side effects of menstruation are also not tracked in the US-based database VAERS (VAERS), which allows vaccine users to automatically record their side effects. This is a matter of great concern. Women should also be listened to and all should be informed. Despite its importance in women’s health, talking about periods has often been taboo.

Even the right complaints were ignored

Menstruation is one of the most basic criteria in women when it comes to reproductive age. So if there is any change in it then it is considered very important. Nevertheless, contraceptives are forbidden. Reports of changes in the menstrual cycle after vaccination have been repeatedly ignored or rejected. Even sensible proponents of vaccination have, in particular, ignored the above facts about vaccines in an attempt to dispel misconceptions about fertility damage.

Although important for women's health, menstruation is not talked about.

Even after the menstrual study was released, I kept seeing headlines that diminished its results. Obviously, some people do not notice any change in their menstrual cycle or some do not pay attention to it at all. But a lack of information can have a strong psychological effect on people whose menstrual periods are disturbed and who have no idea why. They may be trying to conceive or they may be avoiding pregnancy. Or maybe she, like me, got nervous or nervous about having a “regular” menstrual period.

Take women seriously

Vaccine criticism or caution is often sidelined as the irrational, absurd, or misconceptions of conspiracy theorists. But without any hesitation or punishment there should be a possibility to discuss any legitimate or legitimate issue. Against the backdrop of the ongoing cultural battles over immunization, I am a strong advocate for immunization. But what I have experienced has shaken my mind.

I don’t believe science has failed here, I think people have failed. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Medical experts have ignored important and legitimate concerns. As a result, it is possible that some women have lost faith in immunizations. We have to remove the restrictions on discussions related to periods. We need to pay more attention to women’s reproductive health in education and health welfare.

Society and science have to listen to women. If they do not, they will be harmed.

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