Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
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Pakistan’s new national security policy released

Releasing Pakistan’s first National Security Policy (NSP) on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan urgently needs to develop a multi-pronged strategy to ensure the security of its citizens and protect its economic interests. Is The national security policy was approved by the federal cabinet on December 28, a day after it was approved by the National Security Committee. The National Security Policy defines Pakistan’s policy in which direction Pakistan should go in the coming years. Its makers are said to have taken a citizen-centered approach to national security and placed special emphasis on economic security.

Not Pakistan's economic policy: Imran

Not Pakistan’s economic policy: Imran

Releasing the National Security Policy in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that from the very beginning, the mentality of the governments of Pakistan was focused on military security and they had never planned for it. He said the country has a well-trained and disciplined security force which protects the regional borders against militant neighbors. Releasing the National Security Policy, Imran Khan acknowledged that Pakistan had no plans to secure itself financially and said that Pakistan needed inclusive growth. The compulsion to get loans from such institutions has put the national economy in jeopardy. .

Emphasis on economic development of the country - Imran

Emphasis on economic development of the country – Imran

In issuing the National Security Policy, the Prime Minister of Pakistan stressed the need to increase exports to the country and said that no country can grow economically if its exports are not much less than its imports. . He said that law and order has an equally important place in making the country prosperous. At the same time, Moeed Yousaf, Pakistan’s national security adviser, said there were few countries that had formulated such policies as Pakistan, but it was too late.

Imran Khan's stand on India

Imran Khan’s stand on India

India has been given the highest priority in Pakistan’s national security policy and Kashmir has been cited as the biggest cause of contention between the two countries. At the same time, the Imran government has hoped for good relations with India in its national security policy and has made the Kashmir issue a key issue in bilateral relations. There is no problem, there is security concern and this is affecting Pakistan’s security. The Kashmir issue has been mentioned many times in Imran Khan’s National Security Policy and it has been said that until the Kashmir issue is resolved, Kashmir will remain the biggest issue and the basis of issues between India and Pakistan. However, it says that in the next 100 years, Pakistan will not try to go to war with India. And emphasis will be placed on enhancing trade relations with India.

Highlights relations with China and Russia

Highlights relations with China and Russia

Pakistan’s national security policy emphasizes strengthening ties with China and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project of national importance to Pakistan for its economic status. At the same time, the Imran government has stated in its national security policy that Pakistan wants to strengthen its ties with India as well as Russia, and Imran Khan has said that Pakistan has a long history of relations with the United States. And Pakistan does not want that. Be a part of any kind of camp in international politics. Pakistan has released a nearly 100-page National Security Policy, which highlights important issues related to relations with India and the Modi government.

No coordination with Modi government!

No coordination with Modi government!

At the same time, a senior Pakistani government official has clarified that there is no possibility of coordination with India in the current PM Modi-led government in New Delhi. The official said this would be the first time that a coded national security policy would cover both internal security as well as foreign policy. “Only part of the national security policy will be made public,” the official explained, adding that such policies are often kept secret in the rest of the world. The Pakistani official said the long-running Kashmir dispute with India has been recognized as an “important national policy” issue for Pakistan.

Analysis of Imran Khan's Security Policy

Analysis of Imran Khan’s Security Policy

In the eyes of Indian analysts, the foreign policy that Pakistan has formulated is good, but it is impossible for the Imran government to put it into practice. Indian experts say Pakistan’s domestic politics is such that “reconciliation” with India will not be tolerated and the Imran government cannot normalize trade relations with India if it wants to, as Prime Minister Imran Khan has in the past told his people. Has been provoked. The country has made statements against India and got votes from them, so how can they now send a message to the people that they want to normalize relations with India.

Opposition to the new security policy

Opposition to the new security policy

At the same time, former Pakistani ambassador to India Abdul Basit has criticized Imran Khan, saying, “Will Imran Khan try to increase trade with India when India is ready to compromise on the Kashmir issue?” “The new security policy of the Imran government will weaken the Kashmir issue for Pakistan,” he said.

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