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Updated: Friday, November 26, 2021, 14:55 [IST]

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Karachi-based Anam Afzal’s husband Raheel Hanif has been sentenced to death this year along with six others for drug trafficking to Egypt. He worked on a ship.

“Can’t wait any longer,” says Anam. Before boarding the plane, Rachel told Anam that if she returned in a year, she would have a wonderful party to celebrate the birth of her child.

Two weeks after Rachel’s departure, Anam gave birth to a son who has not yet seen his father’s face.

Raheel Hanif and six of his accomplices were arrested by Egyptian authorities four years ago in 2017. He was charged with drug trafficking. One of them is an Iranian citizen of Pakistani origin and the rest are from Pakistan.

Egyptian authorities claim to have found two tons of heroin in his ship. According to officials, this is the largest drug seizure ever made in Egypt.

Anam has questioned Raheel’s allegations of involvement in drug trafficking. “How can I believe this because he was on the plane for the first time. He paid the agent Rs 2.5 lakh for it. His salary was about 40,000 Pakistani rupees and his The job was to clean the plane. “

Nisar-e-Mujahid, an international maritime law expert, is assisting a lawyer appointed by the Pakistani embassy to represent its citizens in Egypt.

Nisar said four of the six Pakistanis arrested were boarding the plane for the first time. The waiters of four Pakistani ships were engaged in cleaning and painting work. They all come from poor families. In addition, there is a captain and an engineer, in which the captain is about 70 years old.

Mohammad Rameez, brother of Mohammad Atif, another Pakistani man sentenced to death in Egypt, said, “We have not cooked in our house since my brother was sentenced. Mom and Dad only miss their son. Now I can’t either. Talk to my brother. “

Anam Afzal says that her brother is also involved in Raheel’s relationship. “Ever since we got married, they’ve been dreaming of a better future,” she says. Come here. – Wandering around. “

Anam says Rachel used to say, “I will not let my unborn child grow up in poverty. I will work hard for the child.”

Meanwhile, with one month left in the delivery, he got a job on the plane through an agent. “I told them to go after the delivery but they refused. They said I would have a lot of money if I came back in a year. We would be able to serve our baby Akika well,” says Anam. What’s up now? Use it even if you stop with empty pockets and don’t work? “

Anam says, “Sometimes she would talk. She was not feeling well on the plane. But she said I do my job so that no one would complain about my work. Then one day she lost contact. . “

She says that when she was able to talk to them a fortnight later, she found out that she had been arrested in Egypt on drug trafficking charges. His trial lasted three years in an Egyptian court.

Rachel claimed that she had been tortured and that her confessional statement had been taken.

“She used to talk to him when she went to court but since the sentencing, she has not been able to talk to him. My heart is very restless,” says Anam.

Anam says, “November 23 is our wedding anniversary. We haven’t spent a single year together. Rachel promised that if she came back, she would celebrate her wedding anniversary with her child in a nice restaurant now. It’s another year for him. Our wedding day was very memorable. Now our son is three years old who keeps asking about his father.

Rachel Hanif wedding day

Family photo

Rachel Hanif wedding day

,Ammi and Abu remained silent,

Mohammad Rameez says that Mohammad Atif used to work as a waiter in a ship at an early age. He says, “Ammi and Abu are always silent. Abu is still interested in some things but Ammi only talks about whether Atif’s phone rang or not, when he is coming back. We only have him. There is an excuse to tell. “

Mohammed Rameez says Atif has been imprisoned in Egypt for almost three years. “We have tried our best but due to financial difficulties we could not go to Egypt. At least I will meet him once, but we are not able to do that.”

“The Pakistani embassy has given him a lawyer while Supreme Court lawyer Nisar-e-Mujahid is helping us. With his help, an appeal has been filed against the sentence.”

Advocate Nisar A. Mujahid has visited Egypt to learn about the case of the Pakistanis and to assist the Egyptian lawyer in the court proceedings. He has also held lengthy meetings with Pakistanis.

Nisar Ahmed Mujahid says there is only one right of appeal against the unfortunately arrested Pakistanis. He had previously been sentenced by a lower court, and his sentence was upheld by the Grand Mufti under Egyptian law.

He said the appeal against the sentence would now be heard in the Egyptian Supreme Court and could take a long time.

Nisar Ahmed Mujahid says in lengthy meetings with Pakistanis he has come to the conclusion that the demands of justice in this case have not been met.

According to him, he assisted the lawyer in Egypt in preparing the appeal. The appeal said that there was no transparent hearing in the lower court and the decision was taken without hearing all the parties.

Nisar A. Mujahid said, “The convicts have been convicted only on the basis of incomplete evidence. The trial court has accepted the statements of the officers without questioning them. The investigating agency has prepared a one-sided file and written arbitrary statements. Benefited. Not even given. “

Nisar A. Mujahid said that according to court records, there was no need for the crew of the plane to come and go from where the drugs were recovered. They are not allowed to board the plane under any circumstances, so how can subordinates be involved in hiding drugs?

According to Nisar Ahmed Mujahid, the court was told that the drugs were hidden far away in the secret compartments of the ship. “The crew can’t do the job of opening the ship and they don’t have that ability,” he says.

He said many such things have not been investigated. For example, when they boarded the ship they were told it was an oil tanker, but when they boarded the ship there was cargo, which they resisted but they had to go to the destination. It was said that they would be taken there. An oil tanker.

According to Nisar Ahmed Mujahid Advocate, these people were put on a plane in Iran. Here he was told the wrong destination and kept in jail for a month without any reason.

He said it was on record that the plane had never been to Egypt. Now, if the Egyptian authorities have seized the drugs and arrested them, then it must be known how this was possible.

“There are a number of flaws in this case that still need to be properly investigated.”

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