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Updated: Thursday, November 18, 2021, 17:11 [IST]

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New Delhi, November 18Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated the first Global Innovation Summit for the pharmaceutical sector. Inaugurating the conference via video conferencing, he said that India has done a great job in the field of healthcare in recent years. Praising the work done by the health sector during the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister said that India has come to be called the world’s pharmacy after the confidence it has earned in the world. High quality and quantity at affordable prices have aroused interest in the Indian pharma sector worldwide. The Indian healthcare sector has received over US $ 12 billion in FDI since 2014.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We have exported more than 65 million doses of corona virus vaccine to about 100 countries this year.” We are trying to increase it further. In the coming days, as we increase our vaccine production capacity, we will do more in this regard. We need to accelerate the domestic production of key ingredients for vaccines and medicines.

The Prime Minister said, “Our vision is to build an ecosystem that will make India a leader in medicine research and innovation in medical devices.” We are sensitive to the demands of the industry on the regulatory framework and are working actively in this direction.

Invited the world

In his address, the PM said, “I invite you all to think in India, innovate in India, build in India and build for the world.” We have the talent, resources and ecosystem needed for innovation and entrepreneurship. We are also actively working towards the industry on the regulatory framework.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first global innovation summit of the pharmaceutical sector

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