Mon. Jan 17th, 2022
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New Delhi, January 15One week ago, the Election Commission had announced Assembly elections in five states, including UP and Uttarakhand. During that time, in view of the Corona epidemic, the Commission had banned election rallies, road shows, etc. till January 15. Exemption was expected from January 16 but has been extended to January 22 in view of the growing number of cases of corona. However, internal meetings are allowed under certain conditions.

In this case, the spokesperson of the Election Commission tweeted that the ban on rallies and road shows has been extended till January 22. However, now political parties can hold indoor meetings. It will include a maximum of 300 people or 50 percent of current capacity. In the meantime, the rules laid down by the state and the center (relating to indoor halls) have to be followed. In another tweet, he wrote that the Election Commission should urge all parties to adhere to the comprehensive guidelines. In addition, the state / district administration should ensure that political parties everywhere are following their instructions.

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