Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
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The month of November has brought a wave of return of favorite actress. Beginning in June with Hyun Jerison (Cliffhanger), Then Han Hyo Joo In Happiness Now the song is Hye Kyo which has hit the screens once again. The song is back with the Q romance drama Now, we are breaking. Jung Ki Yong, who was last seen in the drama My roommate is a loser The opposite of the song Hye Kyo stars. The drama premiered on November 12, 2021. Another thing that awaits this drama is the small screen debut of EXO’s Oh Se Hun.

The first episode introduces us to the main and supporting actors in the drama. Geet plays the role of Hy Qi Ha Young Yoon, a decorated fashion designer working for the luxury brand The One. She is strong and has worked hard to make a place for herself in the fashion world. Jung Ki Yong has played the role of Yoon Jie Sook aka Mr. If there is one most sought after photographer in the fashion world. There is an air of mystery around him, especially since he is so modest and selective about his projects. Many major luxury brands try to approach him, but he inadvertently brushes them.

Leeds first meet and spend the night in Paris during a fashion week. Then they soon cross the road at a fashion show in Busan. Young Yoon doesn’t show that she misses him, and he leaves no stone unturned to talk to her. He is immediately killed by her. Young Yoon has a clear path set for his future, which includes only work and other tasks. At every possible moment he has clearly stated his stand not to get involved in the complexities of the heart. Jai Sook is not ready to let go of his curiosity about Young Yoon and tries to get to know him. It’s fun to watch the jokes shared between them, it has equal parts, laughter and mystery.

Kim Joo Hoon plays Seo Dok Hoon, a manager at a PR company. ‘The One’ is also one of the customers of PR company. He is a fun person who is serious about work, but when he is around he lightens the mood. Then we have Hwang Chi Sook (played by Choi Hi Seo). She is the director’s daughter and also a perverted child. She just wants to have fun, not work. She considers Young Yoon to be insignificant, and Young Yoon seems to ignore this fact and just move on to work.

Interesting story
Because our leads come from the top rings of the fashion world, the story revolves primarily around the ups and downs of the industry. At different levels the characters implement work, tight deadlines and fashion line launches. Behind the glitter and glamor are some small details. From last-minute cancellations to rages, even to the wrong catalog, the producers have tried to replicate the fast-paced fashion world in the story. The show is only two episodes, but it already has many plot points that will take the story further. In the second episode, Ha Young Yoon’s past is revealed. He was closely associated with Jai Sook’s older brother, Yoon Soo Won, who died 10 years ago. Her brother’s passing is also a source of tension between Jai Sook and her mother.

Pasts collide, and Jai Sook’s feelings for emerging romance and young Yun take a complex turn. Episode 2 of Now we are breaking down Ends on a dramatic note, when Young Yoon says “I’m still breaking up with him (Yoon Soo Won)”. This incident seems to be where the title of the play draws its inspiration from. There is a huge chunk of emotion and heartbreak that will be revealed in the coming episodes. It will be interesting to see how the characters handle these life and heart complications.

Now we are breaking down Clocks are just over 60 minutes of runtime. Each episode begins with references to celebrities. Episode 1 featured a quote from Coco Chanel, while episode 2 featured a quote from Gertrude Stein. Paris appears frequently in shows, due to the fact that it is the fashion capital of the world, and also where our Leeds first met in drama. Both of our leaders know French, and have been to Paris during their early days in the industry. The background music is not very dramatic, but it reflects the mood of the scene. It blends into the story without getting lost. The official soundtracks come in R&B and ballad style which again adapts to the drama mood.

The visual palette of the drama is brilliant with splashes of colors and glitter from haute couture. Geet Hye Q is mainly worn in pastel and white for perfection, while Jung Ki Yong looks stunning in nude darker outfits.

The drama progresses at a steady pace, but with each episode the plot moves to a higher level. Emotions are just beginning to form between the leads, and the final fireworks display will be spectacular.

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