Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
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There are many people who use WhatsApp on mobile as well as desktop. The WhatsApp experience is about to change for desktop users. A brand new version of this app has arrived for Windows users. It is currently a beta version, but is available for download on the Microsoft Store. Users can try it out and get acquainted with the new features of the desktop version of WhatsApp. The new version is not yet available to MacOS users and there is no word on when it will arrive. WhatsApp’s new Universal Windows app (UWP) has been completely refined and it also integrates the updated acrylic graphic effects into its Windows 11 version. The new desktop version is going to be very fast and it will only take one second to start. At the same time, many new features will be integrated in it, such as – drawing function. With its help, you will be able to draw anything on a dedicated panel and send it as an image. According to the report, the stickers are missing in the beta version, which will be added in the final version.

It was previously thought that the new app would also be available for MacOS. According to reports, it will be based on Mac Catalyst, which allows users to share app codes between Mac and iPad. This means that future versions of WhatsApp for MacOS should also work on the iPad.

Here a question arises if WhatsApp’s new Beta version, Available for Windows users, why not for MacOS users. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Until the MacOS version arrives, it won’t even be available for the iPad, and many Apple users are waiting for the latest version of WhatsApp.

By the way, WhatsApp has also worked on many other features, of which the Communities feature is getting a lot of discussion these days. Under the WhatsApp Communities feature, the group admin can have more control over the WhatsApp group. This feature is not yet available to beta users, as it is being developed.

As its name suggests, it can be a platform for hosting large groups of like-minded people or like-minded people. Under this feature the admin will group the groups added to the community. Admins will also be provided with some tools so that they can better manage all the groups involved in the community. However, not much is known about these tools.




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