Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
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Soha Ali Khan has posted this. (Image courtesy: Scapular,


  • Soha Ali Khan has posted a video.
  • Soha Ali Khan wrote, “Climb the stairs! But not in the usual way,” Soha Ali Khan wrote.
  • “Good work. Very impressive,” commented Saba Pataudi.

New Delhi: If you want to give your day a kickstart, get inspiration from Soha Ali Khan. Ask us why? The actress is a devout fitness enthusiast who can inspire anyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dive into her unique workout videos to get a good boost of inspiration. In her latest Instagram video, the actress asks us to climb the stairs. But wait, she wants us to go upstairs in a different way. In the video, she is seen pulling squats and planks up and down the stairs. Exercise too much, right? Soha The video was captioned, “Climb the stairs. But not in the usual way.” Her hashtags include “workout”, “one step at a time” and “fitness”.

Soha Ali Khan’s sister Saba Pataudi commented, “Good job. Very impressive.”

Soha Ali Khan’s workout system can give fitness enthusiasts a run for their money. The actress is determined to miss a day’s workout. When Soha became entangled in a “methodical Wednesday exercise”, she completed it with a rigorous set of exercises. Her caption reads, “Work and vacations often get in the way of work but it’s good to be back … for a workout on Wednesday.”

Soha Ali Khan also tried “military-style exercise”. Don’t believe us? Take a look at his video. Soha has chosen this set of exercises “Because the civilian was notorious for his fitness trainer“It’s the week again and this time it’s a military style exercise,” he wrote. Watch him exercise:

Watch this video where Soha Ali Khan is facing deadly exercise challenges every day. this time, He decided to roll a heavy tire And fight with a rope exercise. She wrote in the caption, “Workout Wednesday Part II” and added the hashtags “No Excuses” and “Workout Motivation”.

Of Soha Ali Khan Workout videos are not unknown to other celebritiesWhen she was ready for the pole workout, actress Lara Dutta left a muscle emoji in the comments section. Actress Shikha Talsania commented: “Top gear.”

Soha Ali Khan’s workout videos set out the main fitness goals. what do you think?


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