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Wed. Dec 1st, 2021
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PUBG: New State took a maintenance break Thursday to fix a bug. This bug caused some accounts to accidentally retrieve in-game items. Developer Krafton reports that the account affected by this bug has been temporarily blocked until the issue is resolved. Players with these restricted accounts will also receive some rewards as compensation. Earlier this week, PUBG: New State received a mandatory update that strengthens the game’s anti-cheat system. Now, it will be easier for the team to detect hackers in the game.A Release Through Crafton, Crafton has announced that the team will perform short-term emergency maintenance at PUBG: New State on November 25. The reason behind this was a bug in which “in-game items could be mistakenly claimed by some accounts.” Crafton also stated that access to the accounts affected by the bug has been temporarily blocked until the bug is fixed.

Players who are affected by this bug and whose accounts have been temporarily blocked will have access to the bug fix. PUBG: The new state will also reward those who have access to all these accounts.

“We apologize to anyone affected by this issue, and in particular to those whose accounts have been blocked,” Crafton said in a statement.

Earlier this week, PUBG: The New State Mandatory updates Which improves the hacker search system in the game. This update must be installed. Now, the game’s anti-cheating system has been made stronger than ever. This update is currently released for the Android operating system and will be released for iOS in the near future.<!–



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