Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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The cleaner was arrested

Israel has arrested a housemaid for the country’s defense minister on charges of spying for Iranian-linked hackers. Israeli officials have claimed that a cleaner working in the house of the Israeli defense minister was spying for Iran, who has now been arrested. According to the report, the name of the cleaner who was spying for Iran was ‘Omari Goren’ and it was claimed that Omari Goren’s record was also criminal. However, he worked as a cleaner at the home of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz. At the same time, the arrest of the janitors has caused a stir in Israel and the backgrounds of all those who have access to Israeli leaders are being scrutinized.

Work for 'Black Shadow' hackers

Work for ‘Black Shadow’ hackers

According to the report, since Kleiner’s arrest, Israeli security agencies have become fully operational and are investigating all investigations in depth. According to the Israeli Security Service and allegations, Goren cited a hacker group called “Black Shadows” in the Israeli media. According to the report, the Iranian spy has sent several items to Iran from the house of the Israeli Defense Minister. Pictures of everything kept in the house, including the computer of the Israeli defense minister’s house, have also been sent to Iran. However, Israel has now claimed that the Iranian spy did not have access to “confidential” information.

How did Cleaner spy?

How did Cleaner spy?

According to Israeli media, Israeli intelligence agencies have revealed that Kleiner had installed a spy software on the defense minister’s computer, which would allow hacker groups based in Iran to monitor the defense minister’s every move. Information about what the Israeli Defense Minister did through his computer was reaching the Iranian hacker group. According to the report, Kleiner, who has been arrested on espionage charges, has been jailed on four separate charges, including robbery and burglary. According to Israeli media, Defense Minister Gentz ​​did not investigate her before hiring her at home.

Iran has sent many pictures

Iran has sent many pictures

To prove its mettle, the cleaners sent several photos of the Israeli defense minister’s home to the Iranian hacker group Black Sado. It includes a desk computer, a phone, a tablet, a package with a sticker with an IP address. According to the allegations, the defendant sent all the pictures to the Iranian hackers group via the telegram messaging application and then deleted all interactions from his telegram app.

'Spy' was crazy about money

‘Spy’ was crazy about money

At the same time, the lawyer for the arrested spy, Goren, told the court that Goren was insane for money, but did not intend to harm Israel’s national security. According to Israeli media, “Black Shadow” is linked to Iran and is responsible for a series of hacking attacks on widely used websites. Dialogue correspondent Barak Ravid of Walla News tweeted: “Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.” Should be happy

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