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Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
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Most consumers are looking for a recharge plan that, once recharged, they do not have the tension of another recharge plan for another year. For one year, they should get all telecommunication facilities in the form of calling, data and SMS after a recharge plan activation. If you are a Geo customer, the company offers you not one but three options of such a recharge plan. Although the company’s portfolio includes many other recharge plans with long term validity, today we are going to give you information about recharge plans valid for only 365 days i.e. up to 1 year.Talk about Geo’s most affordable long-term validity recharge plan, with a validity of up to 365 days … so recharge for Rs 2,399 Pack Is. In this recharge pack, customers get unlimited voice calling with validity of up to 1 year. In addition, the plan includes 2GB of data per day, which means the plan offers you a total of 730GB of high-speed data for 1 year validity. In addition, users can send 100 free SMS daily in this plan.

Second recharge Plan 2,599. In this recharge pack, customers get unlimited voice calling like the previous pack with validity of up to 1 year. Apart from this, the customers get 2 GB of data per day in this plan but the special feature of this plan is that in this plan the customers get 10 GB of additional data in addition to 2 GB of data per day. In other words, with a validity of 1 year, the plan will provide a total of 730GB + 10GB or 740GB of high-speed data. The plan also includes 100 free SMS per day.

Third recharge Plan Speaking of which, it is Rs 3,499. The features of this recharge plan are similar to the Rs 2,399 recharge plan. The only difference is in the data access. In fact, in this Rs 3,499 pack, customers get 3 GB of data per day instead of 2 GB. As such, the plan gives customers access to 1095GB of data.




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