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Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
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Grandma’s dance has gone viral on social media

This video under the name of Desi Dhadi is now being liked a lot on social media. Grandmother’s dance of Bhojpuri song ‘Tun Lagave Lu Jab Lipstick’ impressed everyone. The video looked like a wedding party and Grandma’s steps are so good that people are watching the video over and over again. The video was posted by an Instagram user named journalist Mustafa.

Grandma jumped and danced

Grandma jumped and danced

Viral Click has been viewed by over 35,000 people so far and users are responding to Grandma’s dance. The video shows a 60-year-old grandmother dancing on the stage wearing a sari. Her dance is so popular that other women came on stage to dance with her. Grandmother dances on different steps on each beat of Bhojpuri song.

That's how 'Dancing Uncle' went viral

That’s how ‘Dancing Uncle’ went viral

Although no information has been received about the whereabouts of the video, it is being hailed on social media. Let me remind you that a few years ago, a similar video of Sanjeev Srivastava from Bhopal, popularly known as ‘Dancing Uncle’, went viral. Sanjeev Srivastava has now become a social media star. Now the video of ‘Dancing Grandma’ is going viral on the internet.

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