Mon. Jan 17th, 2022
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Himanshu Kohli in a picture of the song.


  • Gautam Gulati will also be seen in the video
  • During the shooting of this scene, Himanshu was cut with pieces of glass
  • The star did not realize that he had been cut

Himanshu Kohli, Haley Daruwala and Gautam Gulati are all set to hit the screens in the T-series song ‘Meri Tarah’. The trio have shot a video of a beautiful romantic tune at one of the most beautiful places, including a temple in the women’s city of Jaipur.

The heartbreaking and love song is a shot in a temple where Himanshu had to walk on pieces of glass to prove his love for Haley. Don’t worry Himanshu fans, the glass shards were actually made of sugar glass which is a popular material used for stunt props in movies. Despite all precautions, Himanshu was unfortunately cut to pieces during the shooting of the scene.

Surprisingly, the star did not realize that he had been cut off until one of the crew members saw blood on the pieces of glass that had been placed outside. Within minutes, the entire team surrounded the actor, but the one who hurried to ‘help’ him was Haley Daruwala. Haley is a dentist by profession and has knowledge in the field of first aid which is given to all medical students. ‘Haley was just amazing. When we realized that my leg was injured, Haley rushed to me with the team and in a few minutes she assessed the severity of my wound and bandaged it as easily as any other medical professional! It’s safe to say that Haley came to my rescue on a set like mine! “Says Himanshu.

Many may have heard of men coming to the rescue of women but with today’s changing times, it is natural that women can also come to the rescue of men! I guess it’s a memory of my kind of shoot that Himanshu Kohli and Haley Daruwala will remember for a long time!


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