Sat. Dec 4th, 2021
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Rakhi has undergone breast surgery

In fact, whatever Rakhi says or does, she often tells people the truth about herself. That is why Rakhi also said things in front of everyone that people either don’t talk about or hide. Yes it is here Breast surgery Of. Some time ago, Karan was also overwhelmed when he heard about Rakhi as a guest in Karan Johar’s famous show ‘Kofy Vid Karan’.

‘Drama Queen’ Rakhi crosses all boundaries of boldness, shares tattooed photo in pink bikini

The doctor gives what God does not give

The doctor gives what God does not give

It is learned that Karan had asked this question to Rakhi Have you had breast surgery? On this Rakhi had said that ‘Yes, it’s done, but what’s wrong with that, the doctor who doesn’t give to God’

Why is Rakhi being asked? ‘

“Every Bollywood actress does this, though she does not say so but I admit that I have undergone surgery to increase my size, I also have the right to look beautiful, when this question is not asked to other actresses,” Rakhi said. Why? Asking? ‘

Two masked men collided with Kapil Sharma on the plane, Comedy King asked – “Whose identity?”

Why is it called plastic?

Why is it called plastic?

He further said, “If you start collecting plastics from Bollywood institutions, you will see a big plastic truck parked in front of every actress’ house.” Nowadays housewives are also undergoing plastic surgery so that they can impress their husbands. Then why are they called plastic? ‘ Rakhi’s statement was shocking and due to her outspokenness she remained the center of discussion on social media for many days.

    The movie 'Agnichakar'

The movie ‘Agnichakar’

Rakhi Sawant was born on November 25, 1978 in Mumbai. Her father was a police constable. She is the sister of director Rakesh Sawant and former actress Usha Sawant. Rakhi started her film career with the film ‘Agnichakar’.

Rakhi Sawant’s real name is Neeru Sawant.

Rakhi started her independent political party in 2014. National General Party But after the electionRepublican Party of India Became a member of Rakhi Sawant’s real name Neeru Sawant Huh.

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